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Chi gong (qigong) is comprised of simple, easy-to-do, flowing movements and exercises, coordinated with deep, relaxed breathing and mindful awareness.

Chi gong literally means 'skill with life force', and it is one of the five components of traditional Chinese medicine. Chi is the life force that flows around and through all things. It is what invigorates and enlivens us. Think of it as bio-electromagnetic energy flowing through energy channels in your body, like water flowing in a river. If the river gets blocked, upstream becomes overly saturated, stagnant and 'damp', while downstream becomes under-saturated, undernourished and 'dry'. This state of blockage and imbalance causes weakness, pain and disease. If the block is removed, the water flows freely again, nurturing all areas of the river. The same is true for chi.

By practicing chi gong, consciously working with and nurturing your own flow of chi, you can help yourself release the energy blocks (that may have been acquired through injury, previous illness and emotional stress) and return your body to it's natural, healthy, bio-electromagnetic balance.

Doing chi gong can support our digestive, nervous, immune and various circulatory systems, take care of our bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and internal organs, and assist our body to heal from stress and injury. We can also connect more honestly and calmly with our emotions, and mange them better. By practicing chi gong, you feel more relaxed, your mind quiets down, and yet you also feel energised and alive.
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Suffering with stress and tension? Having difficulties with balance, breathing or circulation? Problems focusing and having clarity? Looking to improve/develop your performance in sporting or theatrical activities? Then Tai Chi Easy™ may be just the answer.

Tai Chi Easy™ distills classic tai chi movements and core tai chi/qigong (chi gong) principles into a fun, accessible, therapeutic moving meditation practice.

Practicing Tai Chi Easy™ helps to bring your mind-body into a state of calm and relaxation, which then activates your body's own innate healing mechanisms. These simple, slow, flowing movements, coordinated with gentle breathing and mindful self-awareness, can help improve balance and prevent falls, support breathing, flexibility and circulation, promote peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing, and enhance calm mental awareness and psycho-emotional equilibrium. The Harvard Medical School calls tai chi "medication in motion".

And it's easy to do!

Tai Chi Easy™ has been developed by esteemed master teacher and Doctor of Oriental Medicine Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi, and director of the Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi (IIQTC).
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(Photo by Paul W. Hands)

Kele's Chi Gong Story

After 20 years teaching ballroom, latin, tango, a whiplash injury affected Kele's spine, neck and shoulders. During her process of recovery, Kele discovered the ancient Chinese practice of chi gong and felt its benefits right away. She loved it so much that she made it a daily practice, and decided to share chi gong with others by becoming a teacher. Kele trained with Lee Holden, the wonderful chi gong master based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Kele now enjoys sharing the benefits of chi gong with people of all ages and levels of fitness, through group classes and workshops and bespoke individual coaching sessions. Group classes and workshops are a great environment in which to learn movements and experience the power of community practice. In individual coaching sessions, Kele brings her unique awareness and sensitivity of movement and energy to understanding your body patterns and 'blockages', and offers targeted exercises and instruction specifically for you.

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Practicing chi gong is a great way to take charge of your own health and take responsibility for your own energy.
Lee Holden, chi gong master and acupuncturist


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