Kele Baker
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Relax, Restore & Revitalize

Nurture your own health and wellbeing through fun, easy-to-do meditative movement practices. Integrate and unite body, breath and mind with the energies, flows and cycles of Nature to rediscover the easeful feeling of life-enhancing balance and equilibrium.


  • Relax your body

  • Calm your mind & return to balance

  • Release tension, and move with gracefulness and flow

  • Improve flexibility, breathing and circulation

  • Uplift your spirit

  • Learn to take care of your own physical and mental wellbeing

  • Experience the healing power of body-mind integration

Loving your classes, Kele. They are the absolute favourite part of my week!
— Suzie R., London

“What an amazing class! I've been doing tai chi with other teachers for years. But in today's Tai Chi Easy™ class, for the first time I felt what tai chi is all about. Thank you, Kele!” (L.T., England)

tai chi Beginner sessions at the Walkway over the hudson

experience the grace and power of moving like water

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Kele’s R&R (Relax & Revitalize)

Release stress, return to your centre, feel lighter and more uplifted. An all-over body-mind wellness practice incorporating qigong and meditation.

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Moving With Nature

Experience the peace and harmony of aligning the your body, mind and spirit with the movements of the natural world.

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Tai Chi Easy

Move with balance and flow. Perfect if you are new to tai chi, an experienced practitioner, or interested in meditative movement.

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Qigong for breast health

A Wu Ming qigong practice designed to help maintain women’s breath heath.

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Big C Tai Chi

Soothing, calming and revitalising while undergoing treatment, during recovery and into survivorship.

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Tai Chi PD

For people living with Parkinson’s Disease and their carers - a flowing, rhythmic movement practice to help improve flexibility, breath capacity and balance.

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Improving Flexibility

Release tension, oil the joints, and improve circulation. Easy to do at home or office.

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Transform stress into vitality with easy, fun, Holden Qigong body-mind-spirit practices.


Upcoming CLASSES

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Jump ahead to 17:45 to hear me discuss the cycle of the Five Elements in Chinese medicine - from Kacey Grean’s Shine On! Inspiration for Health & Happinesson WHUD (Hudson Valley)

About Kele

Kele combines her her passion for the natural world with her sensitivity to energy, her passion for wellness, and 25 years experience teaching movement practices. She discovered qigong and tai chi as therapy for recovery from whiplash. Her dedication to supporting others on their life journey has motivated Kele to lead award-winning meditative movement experiences.

Thank you, Kele. Today’s qigong class made me feel both invigorated and relaxed. It is something I shall practice as part of my new lifestyle. My sciatica has gone and I feel fab. Your teaching is fun, clear and informative.
— Sally L., Milton Keynes, UK
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